Machines and Technology Merge

Our machinery is modern and up-to-date.  We offer both CNC and manual lathes and Mills.  Our inventory of large-capacity precision machining equipment includes the Kuraki KBT-15A.B.  Our CNC Milling machines have contouring heads with 4-axis machining and complete 3D modeling capabilities.

Our talented craftsmen and sophisticated equipment and software give us the ability to deliver quality products and services. Our customers recognize our quality and have authorized us for Dock-to-Stock delivery.

CNC Vertical Machining Center

Comet: 30″4th Axis CapabilityWideTable capacity 6,600 lbs 
Comet: 30″4th Axis CapabilityWideTable capacity 6,600 lbs 
Super Max: 12″4th Axis CapabilityWideTable capacity 1300 lbs
Takumi V16 : 30”4th Axis CapabilityWideTable capacity 2,950 lbs
Takumi V26 : 30”4th Axis CapabilityWideTable capacity 3,900 lbs 
Takumi V12 : 12”4th Axis CapabilityWideTable capacity 2,425 lbs
Takumi V12 : 12”4th Axis CapabilityWideTable capacity 3,300 lbs

CNC Horizontal Mills

Yasda24.75”x 24.75Rotary TableTable Capacity   2,200 lbs
Toshiba44”x 49.2”Rotary tableTable Capacity   1,500 lbs
Toshiba55”x 63”Rotary TableTable Capacity  20,000 lbs
Fortune VCH630 2 Pallet mill(2)  25”x 25”TablesTable Capacity    2,200 lbs
Kuraki KBF-15H98″x 138″Rotary TableTable Capacity  88,000 lbs
Kuraki KBT-15BA78″ x 98″Rotary TableTable Capacity 74,950 lbs
Kuraki KBT-15BA78”x 86″Rotary TableTable Capacity  44,000 lbs
Kuraki KBT-15A62″ x 71″Rotary TableTable Capacity  44,000 lbs
Ikegai NB-130P71”x 63”Rotary TableTable capacity  14,300 lbs
Kuraki KBT-13EA63”x 71”Rotary TableTable capacity  26,400 lbs
Kuraki KBT-13BA63”x 71”Rotary TableTable capacity  26,400 lbs
Kuraki KBT-11X38”x  41”Rotary TableTable capacity 660 lbs
Kuraki KBT-13EBA62″ x  70″Rotary TableTable Capacity  44,000 lbs
Taurus-Gun DrillCan drill up to 7′ DeepFrom 3/16th to 1.750 diam.
OKK HM6300524.8”Twin Pallet TablesTable Capacity     1,600 lbs
OKK HM-800S135″x215″Rotary TableTable capacity 2,645 lbs

CNC Lathe

Mori-Seiki SL-7B35” Swing65” Between Centers
Mori-Seiki TL-5A16”Swing44”Between Centers
Samsung SL-30/115.8”Swing41.3”Between Centers
Mori-Seiki TL-316”Swing31”Between Centers
Yang ML-55A24”Swing36”Between Centers
Leadwell 50BL35”Swing44”Between Centers
Johnsford St-60B31-1/8”Swing48”Between Centers
Protec51”Swing157”Between Centers
Takisawa LS-800L2032.7″Swing82.5”Between Centers

CNC Vertical Turning Lathe

Bullard Dynatape80”Swing45″Under Rail
Bullard Dynatape58”Swing30″Under Rail
Sedin72″Swing5’10”Under Rail
Olympia72″Swing5’10”Under Rail
Omega-80 VTL78″Swing69″Under Rail
Takisawa – 3600166″Swing36″Under Rail
O-M Neo-30 DX.157″Swing138″Under Rail
O-M Neo 16 EX.79″Swing59″Under Rail
O-M Neo 20 EX.98″Swing78.8″Under Rail
O-M Neo alpha 60/70DX275.59″Swing138″Under Rail

Manual Horizontal Mills

6”  Giddings & Lewis10’ X 5’Table
3” Kerns-Richards45” X 84”Rotary Table with Digital Readout
Bridgeport48” X 9”Table Digital Readout
Bridgeport36” X 9”Table
New Johnford
54” X 10”
Table Digital Readout

Manual Engine Lathe

O-M Neo 20 EX.50″Swing204” Bed Length
Stanko50″Swing120” Bed Length
Ryazan40″Swing204” Bed Length
Ryazan40″Swing204” Bed Length
Lion38″Swing80”   Bed Length
Kingston 34″Swing120” Bed Length
Tur-6325″Swing120” Bed Length
Tur-6325″Swing80”   Bed Length
Polamco16″Swing40”   Bed Length
Howa17″Swing60”   Bed Length
ARCA HD17″Swing160” Bed Length
BroadBent85″Swing240” Bed length

Manual Vertical Turning Lathe

Schiess90′Swing52″Under Rail
Bullard54″Swing40″Under Rail
Bullard36″Swing45″Under Rail
Cinicinatti129″Swing92″Under Rail

Manual Vertical Turning Lathe

4A Warner Swassey35″Swing80″Bed
5A Warner Swassey35″Swing120″Bed
4A Warner Swassey40″Swing72″Bed

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